My Personal Journey to Body Acceptance and Food Freedom

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I believed that I would be living my best life when I achieved my goal weight and dropped down to a certain size. That is after all what all the diets I embarked on had promised.

While I hit my goal weight I never achieved the happiness that was promised. It took such an incredible amount of time, effort and energy to maintain my weight that I was unable to enjoy or appreciate the body I had worked so hard to attain.

My body became a constant home improvement project, which was exhausting and took its toll on my mental and emotional health. I became fearful of food and obsessed with exercise.

Weight loss over promised and under delivered in the department of fulfilment and happiness.

Fast forward 10+ years and after much introspection I am now able to embody “I AM ENOUGH.”

The best version of myself is not on the other side of my goal weight. My best life doesn’t start when I reach a certain size.

My best life is right now. In the body I currently have.

In order to stop the disordered eating and body shame I endured I had to learn that not all bodies are meant to be thin and our inherent diversity is a beautiful thing.

I noticed my dieting was an expression of wanting to be accepted and loved. I began to question the purpose of having a body. Was it to be aesthetically pleasing, or was it a vehicle for me to experience my life?

I went on a new detox-diet where I cleansed myself from all toxic body ideals.

I began to let go of the notion that my body is the most important and valuable thing I have to offer the world. I also came to the realisation that my appearance does not dictate my self-worth.

These realisations liberated and freed me and brought me the happiness and fulfilment that no diet or weight loss goal ever could.

As an ambassador for the Body Image Movement I promote the message that we all deserve to live in a world where the size of our bodies doesn’t mean anything about our value as human beings—because in the truest sense, it doesn’t.

Here’s what I most want you to understand:

You are valuable and worthy of love and acceptance at any size.

About the author

Amanda is an Intuitive Eating Coach, an Ambassador for the Body Image Movement and former Professional Group Fitness Instructor. Her experience in the fitness industry and her own personal journey with body image has honed her passion for supporting other people to create healthy relationships with eating and exercise.

Amanda works with people to help them understand their own negative beliefs and self-sabotage. With her guidance, her clients develop the skills, knowledge and awareness to end the guilt and negative feelings connected to eating and form a positive mentality around their body and food.