It’s about bloody time!

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Periods - yep, we said it. At the Her.Platform we believe no topic should be taboo.

Periods – yep, we said it. At the Her.Platform we believe no topic should be taboo. We are on a mission to get rid of period shame – because there is NOTHING about this natural bodily function that we should be embarrassed about! ​

We’re learning more about our cycles, our periods and all the other bits and pieces ‘down there’ AND we want to take the ‘ick’ out of talking about it.

We want to hear from you and we want to connect with other women doing the same across the planet.

YAY for periods! ​ ​

Created by Tatia Power, her.platform.

Produced by Dine Agency

Thanks to the following people for helping make our video so fabulous!​ ​

Body Image Movement

Women Like Us Comedy

Stace Mcgregs

Julie Cross

…and the amazing team at her.platform and The Centre for Women & Co.


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Start your menstrual cycle charting adventure!

Learn more about how your cycle can affect your day to day life, what you can do to take the reins and how starting your charting adventure now can help you be a friend to the older you.


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Here are also some super awesome links to some other great stuff around periods and the menstrual cycle we’ve shared on social media this month:

The Power of the Period by Lucy Peach (FYI language warning!)

Body Literacy with Laura Wershler on Amanda Laird’s Heavy Flow Podcast

The Inner Seasons of the Menstrual Cycle Chart by Alisha Rose Kruger

Ladies, We Need To Talk podcast, episode: Discharge – the gooey taboo 

En(gender)ed podcast, episode 51: en(gender)ed reflections on body literacy


If you feel that you have some knowledge to offer in this area and would like to share through our platform we’d love to hear from you.

The best way to contact us is to email us at






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