Her Career Change: from corporate lawyer to holistic coach

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Let me start by being honest. The story of how I made a dramatic career change, from corporate lawyer to holistic coach, most definitely isn’t one of blissful enlightenment.

I wouldn’t have admitted it at the time, but the truth is when I began my law career, I was confronted with a deep-seated knowing that life as a lawyer was not for me. For 18 months, I fought an internal battle and tried to make it work.

Yet, a strong disconnect really started to grow. The idea of not climbing the corporate ladder, or making personal sacrifices, was far from the minds of my colleagues, so I turned my focus elsewhere for a mentor. I was drawn to a podcast called ‘Unbeatable Minds’ by Mark Divine. There are so many fantastic resources at our fingertips, and for me this was a great place to start.

My inner voice, or as I like to put it, my inner critic, kept me persevering with law. After three years, I could feel the light within me being dimmed as I slowly came to accept that while my potential in law was high, it was not my calling. If I had the chance to speak to a younger version of myself, I would say, ‘Follow your heart and make the change now not later.’

Corporate lawyer to yogi & holistic coach was not something that happened overnight. To be honest, I cannot say if there was a defining moment when it happened. Leaving my legal career behind took time to build courage and then confidence to make the change.

It was a gradual approach of self-discovery and then a steady transition. There were moments of self-sabotage and persuasion that saw me take some detours, yet here I am. I wake each day looking forward to my work and look to the future with optimism.

Reflecting on my story, I offer you these words of encouragement:

Seek Guidance not Answers

Aim for Progress not Perfection

Be a Beacon for Change

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