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her platform was created to support  The Centre For Women & Co. which has empowered over 150,000 women to overcome life challenges, develop an empowered mindset and create meaningful connections within a caring community.

From domestic and family violence support, mental health and holistic wellbeing, employment preparation and financial literacy: our specialist programs help women of all ages to overcome personal crises and interrupt long-term welfare support.

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100% of your financial support will fund programs delivered by The Centre for Women & Co, a domestic violence and women’s wellbeing service.

Free counselling sessions for women experiencing trauma, grief, domestic violence and mental illness.
Free wellness programs to educate women and families about holistic health.
Free workshops on confidence building and financial literacy.
There is hope. Even from debt, marriage breakup, unemployment and abuse. After doing this course, I'm feeling more empowered. I know my situation will get better. I can take control, be responsible for myself and teach my children healthy habits with money.
Alison, 2017 workshop participant
I'm halfway through this program and I feel excited! I'm keen to discuss the strategies I've learned together with my husband and make a plan for us. I want to get my power back!
Heather, 2018 workshop participant

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Join our sisterhood today and your support will fund programs delivered free to women. You will also receive access to our online education, discounts for our events and products.

The team behind her.platform

Stacey - Her Platform

Stacey Ross

CEO & Changemaker

Stacey is the CEO for The Centre For Women & Co. and the visionary leader behind Her Platform. Driven. Creative. Authentic. Devoted to women’s empowerment, meaningful work and getting sh*t done.

Lea Shodel - Her Platform

Lea Schodel

Wealth & Wellness Editor & Yogi

Lea is an award wining entrepreneur, certified money coach, wellness coach, yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner. Global Nomad. Dreamer. Creative. Unconventional. Ambivert with a really big heart. Founder of The Mindful Wealth Movement, she travels the world hosting wealth & wellness workshops and retreats. www.leaschodel.com

Carolina Her Enterprise

Carolina Villaça Parker

Creative Lead & Doer

Carolina is a designer, marketer and social entrepreneur leading creative projects for social impact and cultural change. Feminist. Spiritual. Founder of www.amoracreative.com

Tatia Power

Content Development & Events

Tatia is a writer, facilitator, entrepreneur, body image movement ambassador, cossie confidence model and dauntless adventurer. She is passionate about empowering women to embrace their bodies, find their spark and live a succulent, joyous life.

Amy Wormwell

Innovation & Initiatives

Amy is the Innovation & Initiatives Manager at the Centre for Women & Co and brings 20+ years of passion, fun and experience in frontline service delivery to her work. Super Creative. Determined. Compassionate. Amy is dedicated to turning great ideas into reality and supporting women from all walks of life.

Gail Rutledge

Marketing, Design and Comms

Gail heads up the marketing and comms team at The Centre for Women & Co. Energetic, results driven and LOVES working in our awesome community. Generally 100% stoked, 24-7 to be working with such a bunch of legends.

The name her.platform

We’re aware and involved in the conversation around non-gendered pronouns and non-confirming language that promote a sense of inclusion and belonging for all. We deeply respect individuals’ unique context and desires. Our choice to adopt the name her.platform was inspired by the three core values our organisation proudly embodies – Hope, Empowerment and Respect. These words have powered many of our proven community programs, including specialist work with children, men and LGBTQI+.


Through compassion, kindness and enabling opportunity we aim to instil hope and optimism to support an individual’s vision of where they aspire to be.


By providing education, support and collaborative work we aim to empower individuals to make informed choices, cultivate a sense of self-worth, achieve economic independence and have the power to lead their own lives.


We respect and promote the rights of all people by providing a supportive and reassuring environment. We consider it critical to model behaviour that is consistent, ethical and professional whilst encouraging personal responsibility.

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