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This is a platform to have your say and to be heard. It’s a platform of hope, empowerment and respect.
With no topic too small for exploration: from self care to self harm, from depression to gratitude, from eating disorder to self love, from loneliness to connection, Her Platform is a place where all women can share snippets of our lives, from which we can all learn, adapt and evolve.

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Each year, the heart of our organisation The Centre For Women & Co. supports more than 30,000 women โ€“ of all cultural backgrounds and sexual orientation โ€“ to live a healthy, safe and connected life.

Hours of Counselling

Our model helps fund free mental health support for women experiencing crisis and trauma such as domestic violence, health issues, depression, anxiety and grief.

Years of Experience

Her Platform is a social enterprise powered by the The Centre For Women & Co. With over 23 years providing women's safety and wellbeing services in disadvantaged communities.

Our Facilitators

Cara Brett

Wealth Collaborator

A self-proclaimed numbers geek, Cara founded her business Bounce Financial after a successful, decade-long career in the financial services industry. She balances her analytical nature with a love of snowboarding, surfing and crossfitting.

Suzie de Jonge

Soul & Wellness Collaborator

Suzie de Jonge is a Transformational Therapist/Mentor and the founder of Beautifully Selfish. She supports women who know they are here to do something special in the world. In her downtime she enjoys hanging out with her two furry daughters and her two-legged daughter, Alex, as well as laughing and making each day count!

Lea Shodel - Her Platform

Lea Schodel

Wealth & Wellness Editor & Yogi

Lea is an award wining entrepreneur, certified money coach, wellness coach, yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner. Global Nomad. Dreamer. Creative. Unconventional. Ambivert with a really big heart. Founder of The Mindful Wealth Movement, she travels the world hosting wealth & wellness workshops and retreats.


How it works

We're a social enterprise on a mission to improve women's lives. The heart of our organisation The Centre For Women & Co. supports 50,000 women each year through free counselling and health & wellbeing programs. Delivering holistic services that empower women is our passion and expertise.
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enable the empowerment & advancement of women experiencing crisis.

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